Mission - Vision

Our Vision

It is Doha Sports & Arts’ vision to be the leading influence in professional martial arts training in Qatar. To be recognized as a source of high-quality martial arts training and development techniques combined with universally accepted life skill values and programs that help strengthen the mind and body.

It is our vision to help students develop their full potential, providing them with well-founded programs to succeed in other areas in their lives, to achieve goals and enhance personal development that can be useful now and in the future.

To take the initiative in engaging people from various cultures, ethnicity and age, allowing people to come together for a higher purpose.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality martial arts training and other sports & activities for all students of all age group. Each of our programs is combined with universally accepted life skill principles into our teaching techniques, becoming a role model for all other training schools with similar goals and objectives.

It is our mission to help children, teens, women and men at all ages build confidence, focus & discipline, to learn self-defense skills, and physical & mental strength. We promote and enhance leadership and other positive qualities that contribute to individuals achieve self-betterment and self-discipline in all aspects of their lives.