Football Class

Football is one of the most popular sports around the world. At Doha Sports & Arts, we are dedicated to provide students with football lessons that is organized to be fun and safe for each participant. Our goal is to teach the fundamentals of football and impart the values of teamwork, discipline, leadership and good sportsmanship in all of our students.

Each activity includes games and instructional skill development. We focus on correct running speed and form so each student knows the right way to run. We train each child to be able to sustain top performance over extended periods, with agility training programs that are designed to work for the leg muscles throughout the body. With agility and speed lessons, these are designed to help them achieve goals with ease.

Our Football program aimed to prepare each child for the fundamental skills on patterns of movement that involve different body parts such as the legs, arms and head. It also includes the ability to run, hop, throwing the ball, catching, balancing and striking skills.