Gymnastics Classes

Gymnastic is a sport that engaged in doing strength exercises, flexibility and balance. This includes flipping, tumbling, balancing, somersaulting, jumping and running.

Signing up your child to a Gymnastic class is a great introduction for an active and healthy lifestyle. Although it’s an essential part, lots of benefits of gymnastics are not related to learning strength exercises, but the major benefits are the mental and emotional developmental skills that will help a child becomes better young adults in the years to come. The primary objective of the program is to enhance the positive learning attitudes and overall physical aptitude.

Doha Sports & Arts offers Gymnastics for all ages and levels, providing the best programs to meet the needs of each child. Our Gymnastic classes help develop the skills they need to take them where they want to go. We create high-quality learning experience for each student irrespective of ability or skill. Our coaches are here to provide each student with fun and enjoyable, high-quality Gymnastic instruction in a healthy learning environment.