Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art rooted in several styles of jujitsu. Aikido as a fusion and breakthrough out of the traditional jujitsu of empty hand, sword and stick technique which takes the joint locks and throws, successfully combining them with the body movements that redirect the momentum of an opponent’s attack. An Aikido practitioner has been trained to apply various locks in the wrist and arm, execute unbalancing throws to neutralize, control and subdue assailants without inflicting any serious injury, hence actively cultivating a spirit of protection.

Aikido inspires personal development to calm the mind, see things just as they are and act decisively even in extreme of circumstances. The goal of Aikido is to stimulate individual to explore the full human potential, helping people better their lives and make their spirits blossom to become strong.

Doha Sports & Arts is staffed with professional instructors to teach and disseminate the principles of Aikido. New students are always welcome in our class. We initially centered instructions on physical exercises designed to increase motor skills and improve muscle coordination. After each student is comfortable, we introduce the basic principles of movement and techniques of Aikido. Although all age groups can learn Aikido, but kids are very enthusiastic learners of the martial art since they enjoy challenging their young minds and bodies, taking special pride in mastering the new skills.