Karate is commonly believed as a Japanese martial art. In reality, Karate has descended from the original version of martial arts, “the Okinawan Karate.” In the Japanese word, Karate literally means “empty hands,” customarily used as a self-defense at a time when weapons were banned by invading Japanese forces.
Karate is both a martial art and way of life that trains students to be peaceful. Now generally used to increase confidence, discipline and concentration, building good sportsmanship and character, enhance coordination and reflexes, even improved the overall health and fitness of each practitioner. Although it is used predominantly for self-defense, if conflict is necessary, karate dictates taking down the foe with a single blow. Karate promotes harmonious unity of mind and body.

At Doha Sports & Arts, our goal is to help every student build self-confidence and improve every aspect in their lives. All classes are taught in a fun and challenging environment. Whether you join our classes for self-defense, competition, fitness or for fun, every student gets physically fit and learn how to protect and defend themselves. Crucially important to our trainings, we want every student to develop and learn the life skills they need to be successful that can be useful today and the years to come. All Doha Sports & Arts instructors and coaches are professionally certified, highly skilled and ready to guide each student in the right direction, leading by example.