Kung Fu

Kung Fu martial art is a series of fighting techniques, which has developed over generations in China, which styles include Shaolin, Tai Chi and Qigong, using various sets of movement and fighting stunts, boxing styles and weapon skills. Being an advocate for non-aggression or violence, Kung Fu keeps its original form and function for self-defense.

At Doha Sports & Arts, students will learn the practical fighting and self-defense techniques of Kung Fu. Our class teaches the most useful and effective self-defense techniques covering styles from punching, kicking, throwing, submissions, and grappling, all done in a safe environment of our class. In addition to self-defense capabilities, other benefits include better health, memory and awareness. Each of our class is supervised by professional instructors who are masters of Kung Fu movement and repetition. We can guarantee that every class will be entertaining and challenging. The practice of Kung Fu martial art techniques can strengthen one’s body and increases one’s stamina that promotes meditation for a longer period of time.

As part of Doha Sports & Arts mission, we are here to provide each student the skills needed to help them succeed in life by building confidence, self-esteem and healthy lifestyle. Each trainers are professionally certified coaches that are trained in modern teaching techniques in Kung Fu martial arts skills. We are ready to help your child achieve their full potential in a friendly and positive environment.