Mixed Martial Arts

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is a combat sport that allows both striking and grappling, standing and on the ground, using all the other techniques combined from most of the combat sports. In Mixed Martial Arts, all the styles of martial arts training go into one package, putting all the styles and discipline together. These days, the popularity of Mixed Martial Arts continues to grow. Students are being attracted to this widely respected and hugely popular sport.

Doha Sports & Arts offer a wide variety of martial art disciplines. If your intention is to learn effective mixed martial arts skills, we are the best place to start. Our coaches offer the highest level instruction in both the grappling and striking. Students are able to compete in Mixed Martial Arts, Thai Boxing, Brazilian Jujutsu, and grappling competition after graduating from our class.

Training in a Mixed Martial Arts is a huge stress reliever that will build the self-confidence in you. Each class promote proper technique, endurance and conditioning so you can surpass your goals easily. Although we want our kids to learn martial arts, but the most important learning skills such as discipline, confidence and respect are essential to your child’s future. We want to build these life skills that will continue to help them in the years to come.