Thai Boxing

Thai Boxing or Muay Thai is a martial art originated in Thailand. In Thai Boxing, it utilizes the fists, elbows, hands, legs and knees. They are all used extensively in this martial art technique. Thai Boxing is considered as one of the most effective hand to hand combat systems around the world.

Doha Sports & Arts are experts in Thai Boxing where the instructor guides each student through the process of achieving their goals quickly and efficiently. You’ll learn a strong foundation from the start of the program with technique and skills being taught gradually with unmatched cardio, strength and conditioning. We integrate into our training a combination of punches, kicks, knees, and elbows to cover a full range of action and styles.

At Doha Sports & Arts, each trainer and staff are courteous and helpful. Our professional trainers and coaches combined with a positive and constructive atmosphere with the most important philosophies of discipline and respect.